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Matchmover Tutorial Help.
by Cristobal Pohlhammer 14 years ago
Somebody can do a matchmover tutorial that integrate cinema 4d . I mean all the process, tracking, coordinates, import in cinema and import in after effects to do the final touch, please, thanks.
Re: Matchmover Tutorial Help.
by Seth Minnich 11 years ago
Hey Jiggy, I'd be interested in a matchmover tutorial that tells how to use the basics of the program as well as integrating cinema 4d (which I already know). I'd really like to learn how to track 3d
Cinema 4D Demo Reel
by Seth Minnich 12 years ago
Hey everyone, I'm not to new to the site but finally registered to show my work. Its mostly Cinema 4D. You can see it at good 'ol youtube: http: watch v=QaSMh0r4Sts Check it and let me
Re: Cinema 4D Demo Reel
by George Loch 12 years ago
A couple of thoughts... -I like the scrabble idea but, I think you could shorten it a lot. Having it this longs makes it feel like you are trying to get too much out of something that should be up the
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