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December 22nd 2015
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Vegas 14 crashes on startup
by Nicholas Ibarrientos 3 years ago
Hello, I have been encountering a problem with Vegas 14. Upon loading the window, it says that Vegas has stopped working. Here is my error report. Problem Description Application Name: VEGAS Pro Appli
Re: Vegas 14 crashes on startup
by Sergey Stankov 1 year ago
Was getting that same error (Kernelbase.dll, 0xc06d007e exception), apps would not start, not only Vegas but some other apps too. Found out it was the NetFramework that was messing the things up. Wind
wrong start TC
by Sergey Stankov 4 years ago
Hello! I've got this issue with Davinci (though as I can see there were posts concerning this topic already, the solution still wouldnt show up): When I try to import an XML from Adobe Premiere I get
Re: wrong start TC
by Sergey Stankov 4 years ago
Sorry, cannot provide a piece of footage because of the privacy thing, but it is some Sony camera footage: folder is called M4ROOT and files are XAVC AVC .mp4, 3840x2160, 29.970 fps. It hasn't been tr
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