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Flag with wind seamless repetition
by Gareth Wrafter 10 years ago
I have created a flag with wind now when i render it out to the player I want to be able to make it repeat but in a way its looping is seamless and just cant figure out how to do this off the top of m
Re: Flag with wind seamless repetition
by Sergei Sokolov 9 years ago
Amazing! Lennart, thanks for sharing the knowledge. Kind regards, Serge!Sokolov
Fix a polygon with overlapping edges?
by Sergei Sokolov 9 years ago
Hi! I was trying to follow the tutorial on making this Voronoi facade and ran into a modeling issue: after Extrude Inner some weird polygons appear. How can I fix such polygons that have their edges o
Tracer -> two splines (rails) for Sweep NURBS ?
by Sergei Sokolov 9 years ago
Hi! Inspired by Greyscalegorilla tutorial on the Tracer object in Cinema 4D, I tryed to create a bit more complex effect of toilet paper rolls with trails. Which doesn't work with a single spline gene
Your videos on the internet — FAST and inexpensive
by Sergei Sokolov 9 years ago
We offer a solution that you might need if YouTube or Vimeo kind of stuff doesn't work for you: streaming your content instead of file download - much harder to save a local copy; limited access: issu
Custom scripts for After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign
by Sergei Sokolov 9 years ago
Doing something repetitive This can be automated, for sure! I write custom scripts to speed up or completely automate your tasks. Cross-platform scripts for InDesign (doing some infographics ), After
Please. Script needed.
by Aleksandrs Valters 9 years ago
The situation... I have file that i was using before to load text and position into AE with expressions. But situation is changed and now i need Script (i can't do this yet :( ) data.txt (contains inf
Re: Please. Script needed.
by Sergei Sokolov 9 years ago
Check out Adobe's ExtendScript Toolkit + samples in Applications Adobe After Effects CS3 Scripts Also make sure you have AFx Scripting Guide handy: http: products aftereffects pdfs after
Render settings to avoid banding
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
Hi all, A clip has a very smooth gradient in the back. Smooth on the AFx screen, it turns banded (noticeable color steps) in rendered QuickTime .mov Tryed various QT settings: Animation, Photo-jpeg as
Re: Render settings to avoid banding
by Bret Sanders 10 years ago
Yes, and HDV( Sony's native) is only 4:2:0 I believe.
Startup hanging on "Initializing User Interface"
by Greg Neumayer 13 years ago
Suddenly, in the last couple days, AE7 (Mac dual 1ghz) is hanging on startup. The welcome screen says, "Initializing User Interface". Force Quit says that "AE is not responding". I've tried re-install
Re: Startup hanging on "Initializing User Interface"
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
Thanks, this worked for AFx CS3 ( v. 8.0 ) as well. Kind regards, Serge!Sokolov
After Effects - Camera issues
by Carlos Bonilla 10 years ago
Hey guys, Im new to the forum so before anything I'd like to say hello to everyone. Ive used Creative Cow tutorials and this is my first time posting on the forum. So the issue I have is with animatin
Separate XYZ Position
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
Hi Carlos! As you know, each camera position keyframe has 3 values: X, Y and Z. Say, you insert an intermediate keyframe to only affect camera movement in Z axis. But when you add a keyframe to a sequ
3D Stroke (Trapcode) matching layers
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
The animation is a line stroke that is rolling out ("end" property from 0% to 100%). There are several such layers in 3D at a 90 degree angle to each other, so there are transitions from one layer to
Particular does not solve the issue
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
I tryed it with Particular too, but it has exactly the same limitations - you can only rotate the whole thing by its built-in rotation properties bound to some point. I discovered that in 3D Stroke's
Globe w/Political borders?
by Jason Richards 10 years ago
No this is not a question of how to make earth.. :) Anyone know where I can find a texture of a globe with Political borders and country names. I've searched just about everywhere I can not find a goo
Re: Globe w/Political borders?
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
There are some maps in PDF (vector) on the UN site.
Creating an After Effects reel from scratch
by Evan John 10 years ago
Hi all, At heart I am an editor in a niche market - TV promos. The line continues to blur in this market, as the highly successful individuals here in NYC are writing, producing, editing, and composit
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
http: has tons of logos in vector - free. But please respect the trademark owners.
Motion blur of more than one frame? (smoke trails)
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
Hi, I want to generate an imitation of a trail from a moving smoke stick: like all those beautiful photos of a smoke. Basically, it's a trail of a moving smoke source. More dense in places where it mo
pic example
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
Here's the sort of image I'm looking forward to generate: Trick here is the flow of a line segment, leaving a trace behind. No the particles case, isn't it Kind regards, Serge!Sokolov
expressions switches off randomly / bug?
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
Hi all, Same bug as was asked about in this forum earlier in 2007 and 2008: some expressions randomly switches themselves off - i.e. equal sign goess off, no error messages, no warnings. I just see th
works fine!
by Sergei Sokolov 10 years ago
Thank You, Dan! I got the idea: let each layer refer to the master layer, rather than to a neighbor. Now it works fine. My expression for Y rotation is: thisComp.layer("c1 master").rotationY.valueAtTi
motion blur on stroke mask
by andres 13 years ago
hi, just curious about a thing: i created a 2-nodes mask (a single line) and then used it in the stroke effect. Then i moved the mask and activated the motion blur. But the problem is that there is no
Re: motion blur on stroke mask
by tomnik 13 years ago
CC motion blur should do it, don't forget to apply it to an adjustment layer, not the layer with the stroke on it.
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