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3D text: Illustrator to After Effects
by Alp Tekyildiz 9 years ago
Hi everyone I'm working on a logo that has some Illustrator 3D effects (Extrude & Bevel) applied to text. I was wondering if there's a way to import or convert that to After Effects and retain 3D so t
Re: 3D text: Illustrator to After Effects
by Sekahng Oh 9 years ago
You can use Photoshop's Repousse to extrude bevel text or selections(both will be rasterized) and import the .psd into After Effects as a comp, making sure "Live Photoshop 3D" is checked. Then you wil
"General Error" during FCP export to Quick Time
by Blue Dog 14 years ago
hi- getting a "general error" towards the end of quick time exports out of FCP 5.0. i am exporting a final sequence that was color corrected in final touch, brought back into final cut, chroma was red
Re: "General Error" during FCP export to Quick Time
by Sekahng Oh 9 years ago
Nate you pointed me in the right direction in solving my "General Error" problem. So I rendered segments and isolated the problematic clip. It was on a clip that had speed ramp to 13000+%. The huge nu
open timeline issues
by Leo Ganzon 12 years ago
Hi AVID gurus, I'm using avid media composer 3.0 I've recently shot a few clips in 720p & 720pn. In the avid bin, the clips info says that they are all HD720p 50. My current project is set at 720p 50.
Re: open timeline issues
by Sekahng Oh 11 years ago
Has anyone answered this question because I am facing that problem now.
The importance of "Verify" ?
by Sekahng Oh 11 years ago
Hey, I'm trying to switch over to the P2 workflow. Could anyone tell me what Verify does in 1394 Host mode It doubles render time, but is it worth the wait when out in the field Thanks!
Re: The importance of "Verify" ?
by Nate Stephens 11 years ago
As Clint Eastwood once said, "you feeling lucky, today" Verify just double checks that all the details are there... If your feeling lucky,, why worry.. FCP, Mac Pro, Mac Book Pro, HPX500, HVX200, Beta
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