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Kona LHe, MASSIVE video drift!
by Mark Pinder 12 years ago
Hello All! This is my first post to the forums, but I have encountered a strange issue, and was wondering if this community might be able to offer some insight. Suddenly, on Monday morning, one of our
Re: Kona LHe, MASSIVE video drift!
by Scott Elliott 7 years ago
Hey all, I know this is a few months on, but if anyone else is having this problem on newer Mac Pros (post expansion slot utility), the Kona LHe MUST be in either PCIe slot 1 or 2. I was having seriou
by rodegear 13 years ago
At long last the P2 card adaptor for Slot 34 Macbook Pros is available for ordering. I just got the email. Here is the link. http:
by Scott Elliott 13 years ago
What about this fine print on their site Seems like it'd be a pain on location to have to reboot everytime you needed to upload. "Notice to Customers Running Mac OS X: Due to a peripherals management
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