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I am proven Editor/ Motion Graphic Designer, with a strong track record and I would be a great fit for this role. I have more than 10 years experience working in TV, video and broadcast industry.

In my last job I was responsible for a number of k... [more]
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October 5th 2012
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Hampton, Middlesex
Sony PMW-200 - White Balancing
by Oliver de Morassé 6 years ago
We wish to shoot in completely different situations: 1. Indoor Studio, Green screen, Spokespersons 2. Outdoor, bright sunlight, snow, colorful outfits - sporting event Any tips on how to best white ba
Re: Sony PMW-200 - White Balancing
by Sasa Svara 5 years ago
Hi Tom, I have just rented PMW-200 and I to have problem with WB and Gain switches and your reply was very helpful. My question is: Can you choose which "part" you can use, in "Direct Menu" Sasa S Sen
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