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xml output
by Darren Coombes 5 years ago
I am rendering a resolve 10 project back to "final cut pro XML round trip" and it keeps outputting a .fcpxml file, not a .xml file which I can't seem to read back into final cut pro 7. Any ideas why
Re: xml output
by Sarah Jones 5 years ago
When you choose one of the "Final Cut Pro" Easy Setups in the current Resolve 10, the resulting XML will be a .fcpxml used in FCP X. You can achieve a .xml file by choosing "None" in your Easy Setups
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Decklink Drivers
by Marc Lucas 8 years ago
I can't find any driver download page on the BM Website. I have a Decklink Studio card and currently running 7.9.6 of the software but having loads on crashes with FCP6 when using various file types (
Re: Decklink Drivers
by Sarah Jones 7 years ago
Hi Jim, It does look like the site is down at the moment. If you could send us an email at support-usa (at) blackmagicdesign (dot) com I'll see if I can get you the version of the driver you're lookin
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Intensity Pro and CS6 Premiere Pro
by David Temmesfeld 7 years ago
Ever since I have installed CS6 Premiere I am having problems with the black magic card working with the computer. I set up Premiere to output the video through blackmagic and when I start playing the
Re: Intensity Pro and CS6 Premiere Pro
by Sarah Jones 7 years ago
Hi David, In previous versions of the Desktop Video driver, we were seeing RAM issues like you describe with Premiere CS6 when trying to output through our DeckLink and Intensity hardware. We added pe
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Blackmagic Design *** SUPPORT HELL ***
by Martin Smith 7 years ago
I just got off the phone with BlackMagic Support about issues with the UltraStudio 3D and ProRes 4444 1080p footage. This doesn't not happen with other ProRes flavors. Called Support at 8:27am and tal
Re: Blackmagic Design *** SUPPORT HELL ***
by Sarah Jones 7 years ago
Hello Martin, As the Support Representative discussed with you on the phone this morning, at the moment we did not have CS6 installed on our Thunderbolt MacBook. We have since been able to get this lo
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