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cloud tutorials
by Sandy Scott 9 years ago
Hello, I'm here to ask if anyone has a really good tutorial on how to make really awesome, stormy looking, puffy clouds in 3dmax9 If anyone does, I'd greatly appreciate any help on how to create these
3D Max 7.0 Pillar of Fire File
by Reneth 14 years ago
Hi, I am looking for a free lancer to create a revolving pillar of fire from seed to full blown inferno If interested, please email me so we can discuss the particulars I will also require the native
Re: 3D Max 7.0 Pillar of Fire File
by Sandy Scott 9 years ago
Hello. I'm a filmmaker in Las Vegas and working on a storyline of Moses and also trying to figure out how to create a pillar of fire that rotates like in the movie The Ten Commandments with Mr. Heston
Error parsing properties list
by Paulo Mateus 13 years ago
Hello The application crashed and then I can't open it anymore. Every time I try to open it, the following error message appears: Error parsing properties list. I'm running After Effects 7 Pro, on a P
Re: Error parsing properties list
by Sandy Scott 10 years ago
Hello, I just got the same error reading on my After Effects program. Here's what I did to fix it and it workes great again and it's very simple. Try this. go to your C drive click on your user name i
Superman titles
by Winston Cely 13 years ago
So, I just saw the new Superman Returns movie, and I'm wondering when someone is going to do a tutorial on how to emulate the opening credits using Motion. I'd do it, but really, I'm just not that sma
Re: Superman titles
by Sandy Scott 11 years ago
Hello everyone, I posted awhile back about the Superman Returns opening credits. I have done some really good work making them on Adobe After Effects, and if anyone has opening credits they need made
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