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by Film Fool 3 years ago
I'm a new FS7markII owner. I often have to shoot in Custom Mode and give clients media at the end of the day. No matter what I do with the Gamma settings my camera image looks flat in Custom mode. My
Re: FS7markII
by Craig Alan 3 years ago
Don't own one but looked into it. I remember reading that they have a preset in LUT 3 If so the review included some shots straight out the cam and they looked really good. Imacs (i7); Canon 5D Mark I
MIxed Formats in FCP
by Film Fool 7 years ago
I am a novice editor. I am trying to cut a spot that uses media shot on a pd150 (DV DVC PRO), 5D footage (Pro Res 422), and some material I ripped off a DVD (from a show I worked on). Final cut pro al
Re: MIxed Formats in FCP
by Daniel Sametz 7 years ago
Convert everthing into Prores because it is the best for editing in FC. Either compressor or Mpge streamclip (You can find it on Google and it's free) will do the trick. Good luck. :)
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