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Second Monitor Playback
by alec gitelman 2 years ago
Hello, I haven't worked in Resolve since a few versions back, and I remember that for full screen playback on a second monitor I needed to run it through a Blackmagic I O device. Is that still the cas
Re: Second Monitor Playback
by Sam Bouckaert 1 month ago
Yeah I guess I really made a fool out of myself on this occasion... Missreading a post nd reacting too harshly on it... Way to go me... You did in fact explain how things work in Resolve, I missed tha
Change the default length of transitions
by Chris Franklin 8 years ago
How do you change the default length of a transition I edit a lot of commercials and instead of having a 1 second desolve, I would rather have it defaulted to about 15 seconds. Any help will be apprec
Re: Change the default length of transitions
by Sam Bouckaert 2 years ago
Yes it has! I was looking for it myself... It's now under preferences -- Timeline.
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