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XML imported clips not being found
by Sam Baker 2 years ago
Hi, So this is my first time using C100 footage, so using MTS files is really confusing to me. I have imported my MTS footage in Premiere and have changed the clip names for organisation purposes, how
Lag when scrubbing through timeline or play back- CAUSED BY AUDIO DENOISER?
by Sam Baker 4 years ago
So at the end of my project, I've gone through and fixed all my audio issues with Audio Denoiser effect. However today when I started Premiere, the whole program has been laggy both scrubbing through
Errors in random frames of JPEG sequence
by Sam Baker 5 years ago
I'm experimenting with the time lapse technique for school Photography class, using Ae CC on Windows 8.1 to string the 120 JPEGS together to create a 4 second experiment of light trails of cars. Howev
Re: Errors in random frames of JPEG sequence
by Stephen Smith 5 years ago
After you shut down your machine and turned it back on is it still doing it Stephen Smith Utah Video Productions Check out my Vimeo page
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