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water/coffee reflect
by Salar Sardary 7 months ago
Hi, it is a while I am trying to figure out what technique can I use to create a water reflection like the one you may see below. If you could just give me the general guidelines I would really apprec
Re: water/coffee reflect
by Salar Sardary 7 months ago
Hi Greg, many thanks for your response. The person was me and as you may see my result I realised that I have not really got the answer and am not happy with the final result. Hence I thought maybe I
wave like effect
by Salar Sardary 7 months ago
Hello all! I am stuck to come up with the trick to create the similar effect you see in the video I used trim path and change the position and this is the result I reached But I still lack the part th
Re: wave like effect
by Oleg Pirogov 7 months ago
I see here a whip following the dots. Dots are animated and arranged in a strict order which can be done one way or another: Running a coarse line through them can be done with createPath(): Smoothing
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Add More Polystar Points
by Chris Meunier 5 years ago
Hi There, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've searched everywhere for a solution and can't find one. I need to add more points to a polystar, and have followed along in a couple of different video tu
Re: Add More Polystar Points
by Salar Sardary 7 months ago
if you hold alt(in Windows Option in Mac) while drawing your shape you will create a shape rather than a bezier path and hence you won't have this issue! such a late reply tho!
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