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Repair corrupted project file
by chris walker 6 years ago
Any way to repair a corrupted project file other than using the software I've seen mentioned That doesn't work and I really, really don't want to lose 30 hrs of editing and start from scratch! No back
Re: Repair corrupted project file
by Ryan Underwood 6 years ago
I had some luck using the following method. Go into the project folder and find the current project file. There should also be a backup folder with a saved version. Replace the current version with th
Creating Optimized Video yields tracks with audio but blank video
by Ryan Underwood 7 years ago
Importing footage from a Canon 60D into FCPX. Option checked to optimize footage using ProRes 422. Once this is done, some of my video clips (maybe 5-10 out of 100 or so) play back with only the audio
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