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Creative Liquid Productions is a digital media company located in Washington, DC. We specialize in full-service video production for corporate, political and broadcast clients.
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HD multicam guidance
by Ian Fuchs 9 years ago
Salutations! (Newbie to Creative COW) I am working on a set up for the college I work at and trying to develop an affordable and functional system for doing 3-4 camera set up for live events. Currentl
Re: HD multicam guidance
by Ryan Pratzel 9 years ago
The Panasonic HMX100 switcher mixer is a great HD switcher and it has (4) SDI inputs. We've had one since they first started shipping and the quality is great. We've run into some minor issues in SD,
HMX100 DVI Input Problem
by Ryan Pratzel 9 years ago
We are trying to run a computer into the DVI-In on our HMX100. This is the first time we've done this with the switcher in SD. For some reason no image is showing up. We've done this in HD before with
Re: HMX100 DVI Input Problem
by shireen choo 9 years ago
Hi I am having the same problem with this but it works with XGA selection. I'm just curious to know why it doesn't work on HDMI or DVI inputs at 1920x1080. Does it have anything to do with HDCP compat
Creative Liquid Looking For Summer Interns
by Ryan Pratzel 9 years ago
Creative Liquid Productions currently has (2) open positions for summer interns. We are a full-service production company, working on projects from start to finish. Interns will work with Creative Liq
Production music
by Dylan Hargreaves 10 years ago
Hi, With budgets being squeezed ever tighter, I'm finding more and more I'm turning to royalty free production on some of my low-mid end corporates. I'm a bit anal about music - I can't stand stuff th
Re: Production music
by Ryan Pratzel 10 years ago
I know you posed this question back in October, but I just stumbled upon your threat and I thought I would chime in. I know it's a bit more of an investment than a royalty-free library, but we get mos
Live Streaming - Multiple HVX200's into uStream
by Jeremy Allen 10 years ago
I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question so I may post in a couple other forums as well.. We have a client (major recording artist) who wants to announce their next album on uStream a
Re: Live Streaming - Multiple HVX200's into uStream
by Ryan Pratzel 10 years ago
Jeremy- We do this type of setup frequently. You can do it software based with Wirecast or UStream has it's own software called UStream Producer. UStream producer is a re-skinned version of Wirecast a
Need advice on purchasing
by Dennis Bungay 10 years ago
Hi guys I am planning to buy an HPX370 or HPX500 which do you think will be the best cam that I could purchase. HPX370 got only 1 3" lens while the HPX500 got the 2 3" lens and most of our cameras are
Re: Need advice on purchasing
by Ryan Pratzel 10 years ago
Dennis- If you have the money, I would go with the 500. I own a 500 and we love it at my shop. With that said, it's a much bigger investment than the 300 or 370. We bought HD glass that cost us more t
Panasonic & 2010 Olympics
by Dan Wolfe 10 years ago
everything I had been reading stated that... Panasonic s DVCPRO HD camcorders and P2 HD storage format media will be used to capture the 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver, Canada. The Olymp
Re: Panasonic & 2010 Olympics
by Ryan Pratzel 10 years ago
I was in Vancouver shooting for NBCOlympics.com and Anheuser Busch. I shot on one of our HPX500's. However, every NBC network crew we came in contact with was shooting Sony XDCAM. In fact, in the Feb
Building First Studio - Seeking Equipment List Input
by Rebecca Devaney 11 years ago
Building First Studio - Seeking Equipment List Input I own a small educational multimedia company and we are about to build out my first studio. I was hoping someone with more technical knowledge than
Re: Building First Studio - Seeking Equipment List Input
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
Rebecca- I hope your studio build is going well. I agree alot with much that has been said in the responses to your post. Also, I highly recommend a consultant, even if it's a local professional. We h
Going to HD with HPX500 - 720pn or 1080p? (PAL)
by Niklas Wikman 11 years ago
So, we're in for HD. I'm told to stay away from shooting interlaced. Not having the manual at hand, I believe the HPX500 can shoot both 720p (and native) and 1080p. Is 1080 alway better than 720 Can I
Re: Going to HD with HPX500 - 720pn or 1080p? (PAL)
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
Niklas- We have the 500 as well and our cameras live 99% of the time in 720p 24pN. It all comes down to what type of projects you're working on. 1080 isn't necessarily better than 720, but it all depe
traveling with pro gear
by al hamman 11 years ago
When traveling by air, how do you protect your video gear Do you check it in a pelican case, do you carry on in a soft-side case or ship in a pelican or original carton What about light kits - how do
Re: traveling with pro gear
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
Al- I know you have gotten alot of great advice, but here are a few more quick tips. I've done a ton of traveling this year and about to do some more in November. 1) Measure your bags. Discount airlin
HPX500 Camera on commercial airlines
by Paul Kramm 11 years ago
What are you using to carry your HPX500 on the airlines now What cases (model number) do you use to fit HPX500 body, VF and lens. and if you could show some pics of how you pack it that would be great
Re: HPX500 Camera on commercial airlines
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
I've done a lot of traveling this year. With some airlines my 500's Porta Brace case is just fine, but with others it's too big. Here was my solution: Cinebags CB25 Backpack -Camera Body, VF, Shotgun,
Studio Available & Production Crews - Washington, DC
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
We have an affordable studio available for hourly or daily rental just outside of the District. We're in Old town Alexandria, VA. Studio Specs: 20x20 w a 10' Ceiling -10x12 Green Screen & Gray Muslin
by Jason Johnson 11 years ago
Hey guys, been reading around these forums and there is a wealth of knowledge here. Unfortunately I'm a PC guy and I can get by on a Mac ok but I need your help. My PC gear is currently being shipped
Re: EX1 to SD DVD
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
You're welcome. What's great about the Final Cut Studio is that there is more than one way to do things. Different people have different preferences in how to go about workflow. You can go straight fr
which format
by lee new 11 years ago
I am filming in Hi Definition 1080i 50 and want to burn my film dvd studio pro I have tried taking the film 1080i 50 to dvd studio pro hoping that studio pro would convert it automatically (this is th
Re: which format
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
Lee- Are you editing in FCP I would recommend taking your video through compressor and using one of the compressor DVD settings to send your file to DVD Studio Pro. H.264 is not a DVD format. DVD's ar
video monitors
by Gloria Joseph 11 years ago
Best monitors for video post FinalCutPro, Mac os10.5. Have seen some "dells", are they any good It's for a career tech school; so, highest professional training quality on an educatin budget Whaddya y
Re: video monitors
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
The monitors are matte not glossy. The frame is a shiny black plastic, but the monitor itself is not. Ryan Pratzel Executive Producer Creative Liquid Productions www.CreativeLiquid.com
HPX Camera choices
by Chuck Farace 11 years ago
Hi I need to purchase a new camera to shoot primarily sports using tripod and handheld work. with some corporate jobs as well. Output to SD bulk of work DVD and web for now. I tried the 170 and found
Re: HPX Camera choices
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
Chuck- On multi-camera shoots we often use a second 500 (freelancer or rental). But we also use the HVX200 or 170. Both are excellent B cameras and more cost effective. If you can get the day rate and
Travel advice
by kat hayes 11 years ago
I am going to bring an HVX, tripod and laptop on a plane. I always take my laptop as a carry-on, and have not had a problem with doing so, though now that I want to also bring my HVX and tripod, I am
Re: Travel advice
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
Kat- Always try to carry on your camera if you can. It's always a good idea to be able to keep your eyes on the camera at all times. Remember, checked bags can be searched without you being present. O
Which of these three cameras would you recommend?
by Cale Switzer 11 years ago
Hello, I am currently interning at a production company in Buffalo, NY. We primarily make corporate and promotional videos, but also branch off into commercial production. We are looking into purchasi
Re: Which of these three cameras would you recommend?
by Ryan Pratzel 11 years ago
Cale- My production company completed a major HD equipment purchase in the first quarter of 2009. We spent nearly a year researching and demoing gear before we made a final decision. We ended up decid
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