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Problem with Perspective
by Ryan Moser 5 years ago
Below is a test I did with a still image that I digitally zoomed and composited over a motion dolly shot. Being familiar with cameras, even I was surprised at how much of a difference a zoom and dolly
Re: Problem with Perspective
by Ryan Moser 2 years ago
I personally received a lot of detailed and helpful responses to my past inquiry. I wanted to thank everybody once again that chimed in with their two cents. I'm proud to share the arduous passion pro
"Grayed out" source and timeline viewers (in edit tab)
by Ryan Moser 4 years ago
I've searched through a few forums but have yet to find anyone with a similar issue or a solution. http: imgur.com XUPCRUj If it helps, I am using a dual monitor setup. I'm also outputting to a refere
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