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Indie Filmmaker and Karaoke Enthusiast.

Looking for creative outlets at every turn.
I'm a real laid back kinda guy who can get along with pretty much anyone. I have a passion for my work and never want to stop learning about my craft.
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March 8th 2006
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Denver, CO
Red square during capture
by Ryan Carroll 8 years ago
Hey All, I've ran into a little problem with FCP 6.0.6 and was wondering if anyone else had encountered this as well. When I try to capture DV footage a red box appears in the capture window and only
new to the freelancing game
by Ryan Carroll 10 years ago
Hey all, After being laid off b c of the recession, I decided to go into business for my self freelancing post-production services and scriptwriting. I'm just looking for any tips or what to look for
Re: new to the freelancing game
by Shawn Bann 9 years ago
I have to agree with Chris. I know ALOT of people shun "free" work, but sometimes it can really open doors. I'm not saying ALL situations are like that, but getting yourself out there (and your work)
new reel feedback
by Ryan Carroll 10 years ago
Hey just looking for some feedback on my updated reel. It's kind of a jack-of-all-trades reel that shows off my different skills and talents. Editing, motion graphics, DVD menus, cinematography, etc.
Re: new reel feedback
by Ryan Carroll 10 years ago
Kate, Thanks for the input. Everything was done by me except for a few shots that I didn't film, that's why I didn't feel it was necessary to label every single project with my role, plus I think it's
Experienced Editor moving to the Denver area
by Ryan Carroll 12 years ago
Hello, My name is Ryan Carroll and I'm moving to Denver on July 30th. I'm looking for some work while I'm earning my master's degree. I've been working in TV news for over 4 years now. Experience with
How much to charge
by Ryan Carroll 12 years ago
Hey, I've been trying to find my own work on the side producing videos and graphics. My first real paying gig turned out to be for a family member. The problem I'm coming into is how much to charge. I
Re: How much to charge
by Ryan Carroll 12 years ago
Thanks, Like I said, I'm just doing this on the side when I'm not pulling 50 hrs at the TV station. Just trying to earn some extra cash to help pay for grad school.I think; therefore I am. -Rene Desca
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