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ProRes 4:2:2 VS Native
by Russell Hossain 8 years ago
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 offering to edit native video in real-time of DSLR cameras. But I m not familiar with Canon EOS 5D Mark II native video. I m used to edit Canon EOS 5D Mark II footage in final
Re: ProRes 4:2:2 VS Native
by Pete Burger 8 years ago
The native colour space of the Canon DSLRs is 4:2:0 Of course 4:2:2 would be better, BUT transcoding from 4:2:0 to 4:2:2 (from the original H.264 MOVs to ProRes) won't give any picture quality improve
iMAC and FCP X
by Russell Hossain 8 years ago
Can iMac Play Canon 5D mark II footage (1920 - 1280) real time in FCP X and Apple color 1.5
Re: iMAC and FCP X
by Russell Hossain 8 years ago
Ok good. One of my friend told me to Log and Capture footage from camera or memory card in FCP with ProRes 422 easy setup. But what is the best procedure to keep best color result
AMA Relink Question
by David Braswell 10 years ago
I'm fairly new to AMA and have a relinking question. Here's the scenario. I have a DV25 res sequence that I transcoded from P2 HD media using a pre-AMA version of Avid MC. I've transferred the DV foot
Re: AMA Relink Question
by Russell Hossain 10 years ago
One of my sequence track (A3) contain background music. I was imported this track from my Hard Drive. Somehow I was deleted this file from my Avid Bin. My sequence showing A3 track got some audio file
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