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Transparency Grid Gone
by Russ Thorburn 11 years ago
Hi, I own AE CS3 and am what I would call an intermediate to experience user. Since yesterday however, I have encountered an annoying problem. Normally, transparency is displayed as a checkerboard (wh
Re: Transparency Grid Gone
by Dave LaRonde 11 years ago
I double-checked your post, and you don't mention anything about checking AE Preferences. Did you do it Dave LaRonde Sr. Promotion Producer KCRG-TV (ABC) Cedar Rapids, IA
Demo Reel - How long and what content?
by Russ Thorburn 11 years ago
Hello everyone, This is my first post. I recently decided to try and turn my hobby into a side job. I have many years of expericence using After Effects and Photoshop. I can't say that I have the expe
Re: Demo Reel - How long and what content?
by scott novasic 11 years ago
3 minutes or under. As far as content, its simple. Animate as much as you can and go with what you have a passion for. Run stuff past peers and get feedback. Its much better to show 3-4 good things th
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