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Original boogie woogie bugle boy of company B
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September 25th 2012
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Increase/Decrease Waveforms not working in MC 8.6.1
by Darby MacInnis 2 years ago
I've encountered an issue where I can no longer increase the size of the waveform in my timeline using command( )+option+l. It instead centres the Timeline Window. (Windows Center Current) I have the
Avid Errcode -2034
by Jen Milano 10 years ago
I am having an issue with the Avid where it will not export same as source Quicktimes. I receive this error message when I attempt to do so. Exception: Movie Export from Procedures FAILED! errcode -20
Re: Avid Errcode -2034
by Darby MacInnis 7 years ago
I followed this step and found the issue: a corrupt title about ten minutes into my sequence. Rerendering the title fixed the problem. My problem would have been solved had I just cleared all my rende
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