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FS7 Tripod plate
by Ron Piedrahita 4 years ago
I'm starting to look at the FS7 as a pretty viable contender for the "run-and-gun" projects that makes up most of my work. I've a question on attaching it to a tripod. Does it have all the goods to at
Re: FS7 Tripod plate
by Bill Griffin 4 years ago
this is what I use on my Sony will fit on the VC-14 plate that I used in my "betacam days".....I have gone through 2 of them, be careful when using the shoulder mount does crack
Opening most recent sequence
by Dave Fleming 5 years ago
Hi All, One of the more annoying things that started occurring when I transitioned from CS6 to CC (and beyond) was that Premiere picks a random sequence to load when booting into a project instead of
Re: Opening most recent sequence
by Ron Piedrahita 5 years ago
Yea, just happens w Premiere. I've got a few other challenges so I'm in the throes of doing a complete uninstall reinstall. I'll post any updates. Ron
Buying a lighting kit - your thoughts?
by Bill Wilnheim 8 years ago
I am looking at several lighting kits, including a 3 way umbrella light kit and a kit with 2 softbox lights. Overall, which would be best for a casual shooter (really casual) The 3 way kit has two umb
Re: Buying a lighting kit - your thoughts?
by Ron Piedrahita 8 years ago
Having started with Omni and Tota-lights, I see a place for them, as well as Dedo, HMIs,fresnels, LEDs and the whole slew of options out there. For me, it becomes the right tool for the right job, but
EX3 Unable to update Firmware
by Dan Billings 9 years ago
My EX3 is on on Firmware 1.05 and I would like to update to 1.15 but as stated on other posts, the download doesn't work. Called Sony and they said the camera will have to be sent in to service center
Re: EX3 Firmware updated successfully
by Ron Piedrahita 8 years ago
Hi Dan, What's the latest firmware I'm on 1.1 with no issues, but I see 1.15 and 1.16 are out there and unsure if there are variations for EX1 v EX3, NTSC or PAL or something else. Thanks! Ron
Trying to decide on the best tripod for my needs! Experienced needed!
by Craig Ricker 9 years ago
Hey guys, I'm just about to purchase a GH2, and i'm looking to invest well in good tripod. Thing is I'd like to use it when I go hiking, and so light weight and very compact is what i'm after. I am 6'
Re: Trying to decide on the best tripod for my needs! Experienced needed!
by Phil Balsdon 9 years ago
Manfrotto make a head leveller. http: ball-camera-leveller No not a carabiner (although carabiners would make clipping the rope to your pack and tripod easy). A jumar or ascender is
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