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Video Production - "Rush" Rate
by Nathan DuPriest 8 years ago
Hi Everyone: I was just wanting to get feedback as to whether most folks consider it a best practice to charge a "rush" rate for video production As we all can attest, most clients want to get their p
Re: Video Production - "Rush" Rate
by Ron Gerber 8 years ago
I have been in the same boat. Years ago, we adding a rush charge for commercials with less than 48 hour turn around. While it made us feel good on the production side, it really created some problems
Agency Funny Money
by Jason Jenkins 8 years ago
I recently finished a project through a social media agency for a large corporate client. It's one of those "we can't pay you 'til the client pays us" type of situations. Anyway, I wasn't worried abou
Re: Agency Funny Money
by Ron Gerber 8 years ago
I work for a large corporation and we started having our freelancers register with temp agencies a few years ago. Basically they are outsourcing payroll and shielding their liability. They should have
Avid and P2 file names
by Shane Ross 10 years ago
OK...I am importing footage into Avid MC4 via AMA. DVCPRO HD P2 shot with the HPX-170. One of the interviews is cut goes, but then stops halfway through a sentence. So I need to figure out wh
Re: Avid and P2 file names
by Ron Gerber 10 years ago
If you are spanning P2 cards make sure your back-up of the P2 cards includes the "last clip" file from each card (it's not in the contents folder it's seperate) otherwise it won't know which clip to s
Old Guy Xpress Pro 4.6 question on moving files
by William Wallick 10 years ago
Hi Still mucking about on 4.6. I have 6 drives, each drive has a OMFI MediaFiles folder on it. I would like to move all the files in those folders into a new OMFI MediaFile folder I will create on a b
Re: Old Guy Xpress Pro 4.6 question on moving files
by Ron Gerber 10 years ago
Use the Transcode Consolidate function. I believe it's under the file menu. Select all the clips and sequences you want to move and let the Avid rewrite them all to the new drive.
en-smallening Quicktimes
by Trevor Ambrose 10 years ago
Hi Guys, Fairly simple question. I'm exporting a quicktime of a half hour TV episode for the online editor. I'm using Sorenson Squeeze. It becomes a 5.6 gig file which is too big to put on a DVD. What
Re: en-smallening Quicktimes
by Ron Gerber 10 years ago
Try using the H.264 QuickTime codec when you export directly out of the Avid. It's been a while but I think in 3.5 that was an option
Location Fees
by Todd Terry 10 years ago
Hey kids... I may post a similar question over in the Indie forum, but I think I'm more likely to get better answers in here. When securing private locations for shooting, how do you typically handle
Re: Location Fees
by Ron Gerber 10 years ago
In the past I've paid $250 - $300. It doesn't come up that much for me but that's generally the amount I've been paying for years. It also depends on how much I'm inconveniencing the property owner or
Cable Advertising Question
by Aaron Cadieux 11 years ago
Hey everyone, I am in talks with the local cable outlet to run a spot I have produced. The spot advertises a service that my video production company is offering. I told the cable company what my budg
Re: Cable Advertising Question
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
They want me to sign a 6-month commitment for $4200 Having worked in cable for a bunch of years I can tell you that the AE that wanted you to sign a 6 month commitment has a boss that is asking for re
What that one story concept....
by Rob Grauert 11 years ago
There is a story concept that I'm interested in and I'm sure it originated from a movie...I just don't think I ever saw that movie. I know The Simpsons made an episode like this as well. Basically, al
Re: What that one story concept....
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
The most recent film I can think of that uses that style of storytelling is "Vantage Point" - if you have any of the movie channels, it's probably on right now.
I feel I'm worth it, but am I over priced?
by Jeff Bonano 11 years ago
Ok, so my business has spent it's time in video work that doesn't include broadcasting and making commercials. Recently, I was asked for the first time to produce 4 30 second spots for a new business
Re: I feel I'm worth it, but am I over priced?
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
Hold on your price and work towards becoming a valuable asset to the client. Another point you might want to find out more about is who owns the $200 commercial meaning will that station allow you to
When HD really isn't HD
by Chris Blair 11 years ago
In the last few months our clients have started asking for HD on TV commercial projects. Most of the HD stuff we've done in the past has been for display specific purposes. Things like video projected
Re: When HD really isn't HD
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
It's all tied to budgets. Generally speaking the people writing the budgets and approving the budgets look a one thing, the bottom line for the company. Since most stations (cable & broadcast) are sti
camera decision help
by Lee Hopper 11 years ago
I have the opportunity to provide video service for an entire school districts football games, I will record 8 different games every friday night, then by monday morning provide dvd's for coaches to r
Re: camera decision help
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
I hope you got the bid. Personally, I go with tape and bring a consumer DVD burner and run a line out of the PD170 to make a "real time" DVD. That will save you a lot of time in the end. Also, it will
Handing over AE projects....?
by Mark Burnstien 11 years ago
Hi there I have been working with a production company creating a huge animated sequence for them. I am supposed to be delivering a single movie at the end for them to use. I have had an email from th
Re: Handing over AE projects....?
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
I heard a great analogy today when a similar situation came up: "It's a lot like taking your car to a mechanic and after he's done fixing it telling him you also want his tools."
settings help for shooting close up golf swings
by Nelson May 11 years ago
I am going to be shooting some tee offs of golf swings and the shots are going to be a ms of the ball and about 6 inches of club shaft. I am going to shoot at 29.97. Will a faster shutter speed allow
Re: settings help for shooting close up golf swings
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
If it helps, I believe this commercial was shot around 1,000 frames per second using the PhantonHD. If you want to see how fast Ernie's swing is in real time, here's the behind the scenes of that comm
Defining your customers
by Geoff Kelly 11 years ago
We're currently fine-tuning our marketing efforts and are at the point (in my mind) where we need to be defining our customers. Who is it that we provide services to currently, who would we like to pr
Re: Defining your customers
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
When I meet with clients and they want to target everyone, I try to find out who are the customers that would make the biggest difference to their business and focus the message to them. To the point
Split Screen Music Videos?
by Trent Whittington 11 years ago
Hey Guys, For our Uni class we are required to do a Music Video for one of the University's bands and we have come up with an idea to do a split screen style music video. Kind of like the music video
Re: Split Screen Music Videos?
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
Woodstock will blow your mind, especailly Sha Na Na. Here's a split screen music video for Semisonic. I can't even imagine how complex this was to shoot.
Exporting Video for Broadcast, (first time help/suggestion)
by Michael Brodner 11 years ago
I just finished editing a 30 second commercial that was shot on a Sony FX1 in HDV. I used a SureTarget plugin from VideoCopilot for some motion graphics with text in AE and wondered what the best way
Re: Exporting Video for Broadcast, (first time help/suggestion)
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
Check with the local station or cable company. They should have a spec sheet that will give you more info. Send them a file to test everything out. Most likely they are not inserting your commercial i
Broadcast requirement
by Dan Newton 11 years ago
Hey Guys Need some urgent help -- I have been given the new format -- from a television station --- they will not use digi or sp for broadcast but mpeg 2 now please fund below the exact requirements:-
Re: Broadcast requirement
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
Here are the steps my company has been telling everyone to use for MPEG2 Delivery using Sorenson. Most likely they will be similar to what your station wants - It would probably be best to send them a
Digital File Transfer Procedure
by Nick Arnold 11 years ago
I am with a small TV station and we have just got our digital file transfer up and running so we can send files from FCP to Master Control. Does anyone have any experience with this that can lend a ha
Re: Digital File Transfer Procedure
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
I'd try to follow your tape procedure as closely as possible. If you have a server everyone can access (traffic, production, & master control) create a couple of folders - one for traffic, one for spo
Commercial for commercials
by Aaron Cadieux 11 years ago
If I were to make a 30-second cable spot for my freelance videography company advertising the fact that I can produce 30-second spots for cable advertising, and took that spot to the cable company to
Re: Commercial for commercials
by Ron Gerber 11 years ago
The answer is yes they can not sell you the air time if they want to. I'd suggest talking to the sales manager of your local cable system, tell him what you want to do and see if you can work somethin
New Client...wants it all
by Chuck Obernesser 12 years ago
Hello to all once again... After being in business for 3 years and doing everything possible for clients I have the opportunity to take on my first big client. I have joined with another company and w
Re: To finish that...
by Ron Gerber 12 years ago
Having done a lot of the really bad local car commercials, generally our point of view is that Ford sells the car; we sell the dealership that sells the car. In most cases, the running footage is more
who is buying the new Nitris DX or Mojo DX?
by Bob Zelin 12 years ago
anyone Bob Zelin
Re: who is buying the new Nitris DX or Mojo DX?
by Ron Gerber 12 years ago
I'm in "wait and see" mode at the moment on the MojoDX. If the cost comes down and people are using it with success (and Bob gives it his thumbs up) maybe I'll jump into the fire one more time.
old avid original pricing
by Aaron zander 13 years ago
Ok, some of you may remember my old avid thread a few weeks back. I've been tasked to get original or rough original prices for the equipment we have was hoping you could help me out with this, as I c
Re: old avid original pricing
by Ron Gerber 13 years ago
My memory might be a little fuzzy but I think Media Composers were going somewhere between $85,000 - $105,000 back then. We had a few of them that were finally taken out of service about a year ago. T
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