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AE QT Reference issue...artifacting or corrupt?
by Ron DeJoseph 8 years ago
Having an issue inside AE CS5...mac based...10.6.5 Creating a project in Avid MC 5.5...captured 30i...broadcast tv product ntsc d1 Exporting via Automatic creates a qt re
Re: AE QT Reference issue...artifacting or corrupt?
by Ron DeJoseph 8 years ago
I don't think you can see the edges of the video in the pics attached clearly enough, perhaps i should have zoomed into the comp window tighter...there are rough edges all along the raster...this is t
16x9 RAM Preview
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
we just started producing spots in 16x9 rather than 4x3... my problem is that in after effects when ram's clunky, slow, and seems like audio is off sync with video.... NEVER had this p
Re: 16x9 RAM Preview
by Kevin Camp 11 years ago
are you viewing the preview on a broadcast monitor if so, you will probably need to modify those settings to get better ram preview performance when previewing... to quickly check to see if the extern
One More Capture Question...
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
SONY HDV 1080i Cam... Shooting DV tapes...non-HD....widescreen Broadcasting in 4x3...720 480... What should my capture settings be so that I don't get letterbox or squeezed video there a way
Re: One More Capture Question...
by Brandon Murphy 11 years ago
You can change the settings on the camera to shoot in 4:3. Just go thru the menu and you should be able to toggle between 16:9 and 4:3.
WHAT Capture Settings to Use?
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
Sony HDV 1080i Camera... NOT SHOOTING HDV tapes...will shoot on DV Tapes..(don't ask why) Ultimately, since there will be alot of footage coming from other sources...FINAL PRODUCT WILL BE 720 480... N
Re: WHAT Capture Settings to Use?
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
thanks dave! will do...
FCP cutting off capturing...
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
i was trying to capture about 30 mins of footage the other night...after 10 minutes, the dialog box came up, capturing stopped, and it said...forgive me, i forgot EXACTLY what it said..but something a
Re: FCP cutting off capturing...
by Richard Harrington 11 years ago
Make sure the drive is formatted for Mac Otherwise there is a 2GB limit for captured files (which is about 10 minutes of DV footage) Copy stuff off drive ReformatRichard M. Harrington, PMP Author: Pho
Automatic Duck HD Import
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
working on a quad 2.5 mac final cut studio w automatic duck exporting to AE 7.0 Video Card is a Kona... here's the problem... when i export via the duck into AE, my HD footage looks very bland... now,
Dodgy Reel?
by Paul Hawkridge 11 years ago
Hi there, I know this reel is way too long, but right now I'm really not sure the whole structure and idea I used was right any good and was thinking of abandoning it. Could someone please give me som
Re: Dodgy Reel?
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
Del! we know each other How'd you know about the Emmy's Did we meet during a judging over there I was so shocked and sorry to hear about Stewart...tragic.
Web Site..
by Ron DeJoseph 11 years ago
I'm trying to figure out the best way to start a website for my online reel... I do not want to go the cheap route via YouTube...very unprofessional... I work full time, but like most of you, freelanc
Re: Web Site..
by George Loch 11 years ago
Hey Ron, Send me a line and I can give you some options. -glPrologue Media
HD issue?
by Ron DeJoseph 12 years ago
hi, i'm importing an QT from A.E. into Final Cut to add audio. it's a 1280X720 movie. my sequence setting in Final Cut is 1280X720 as well. the problem is that when i put the movie into my sequences,
Re: HD issue?
by Alexander Gao 12 years ago
Go to motion tab of the clip and examine the aspect ratio setting as well as scale setting.Thanks, Alexander Gao "When the revolution happens, I'll be leading it."
Mask Shapes...
by Ron DeJoseph 12 years ago
defaults are rectangle and elipse... how do you make a perfect square or perfect circle mask in AE
Re: Mask Shapes...
by Darby Edelen 12 years ago
yikesmikes "Methinks it only wobbles if you rotate a square pixel circle (like from PS or a square pixel comp) in a .9 comp, or visy-versy." Yeah, that was kind of what I was thinking he might be ref
Rotoscoping in AE....
by Ron DeJoseph 12 years ago
is there a good tutorial on this somewhere i know of the one on cow now, it's ok, but doesn't really get into much detail.... any suggestions thanks!
Re: Rotoscoping in AE....
by Mike Clasby 12 years ago
It looks like you'll be able to roto in PhotoShop since it will import video and Sequences in the upgrade. It will be interesting to see if this makes it easier.
aliasing problem
by Ron DeJoseph 12 years ago
i made an entire web page in illustrator to animate in AE. it's very clean, and clear, but when i put motion to it, i'm having a aliasing problem with some of the features of the page...lines 'wigglin
Re: aliasing problem
by Kevin Camp 12 years ago
this could be a lot of things... is the contiuous rasterization option on its a check box in the switches pane of the timeline taht looks like a little sun. are your seeing this on a broadcast monitor
by Ron DeJoseph 12 years ago
i'm trying to make flash bulb effects on a comp. i'm using adjustment layers with KNOLL light effx for my flashes. i can't use multiple layers that overlap, the effect doesn't show up! am i missing so
Re: KNOLL LIGHT problem
by Ron DeJoseph 12 years ago
resizing logo woes...
by Ron DeJoseph 13 years ago
i don't understand it at all. when i resize a logo in FCP, using the motion tab, it resizes it yes, but it makes it grainy! now, that same logo, superimposed, with no resizing is fine. it's just that
Re: resizing logo woes...
by Graeme Nattress 13 years ago
Turn on high quality motion filtering in the timeline. Graeme- - Film Effects and Standards Conversion for FCP
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