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Metadata Extraction rules
by Keith Brown 7 months ago
I've read through all the documentation and watched the tutorials and I still can't quite understand how to get metadata extraction rules and regex to work successfully in worker. What I'm trying to d
Re: Metadata Extraction rules
by Rolf Howarth 7 months ago
The basic format of an import processing rules file is: pattern field-id value The simplest type of pattern is just a single word that can occur in a filename. If you had a line like: SAT U1 Something
Reading embedded marker metadata
by Lee Warner 1 year ago
I want to rip a library of SFX CDs we have in-house and make them available through CatDV clients. I'm using Adobe Audition for the rips. If I rip an entire CD to one file, Audition will place markers
Re: Reading embedded marker metadata
by Rolf Howarth 1 year ago
Hi Lee, If you have a small sample file that you think contains marker metadata please send it to and we'll be happy to take a look. -Rolf
MySQL Syntax Error on Import
by Andrew Saliga 2 years ago
I keep encountering an error when trying to import a CatDV database backup via the server control panel. "An error occurred: Syntax error in SQL statement." If I open the backup file in a text editor
Re: MySQL Syntax Error on Import
by Rolf Howarth 2 years ago
Send a message to, including the log file from the server control panel, so we can investigate. -Rolf
Worker Node scan limit
by Alex Schmidt 2 years ago
Hello! I currently have a worker action where I have a "Bulk Query" to look for a particular field and set a clip field to "Enter Email". The main issue I am having is that when it executes the comman
Re: Worker Node scan limit
by Rolf Howarth 2 years ago
Try performing the same query that your bulk query action uses manually from within the CatDV application and see what clips it returns. Perhaps there are only 16 matching clips. You can also use the
"XXX.cdv.autosave" file Versus "BackupOfXXX.cdv" ?
by Lindsay Simpson 2 years ago
Hi, I have been working with two standalone licenses of CatDV Pro 11.0.7. My experience has been mostly positive and the system is serving our needs well. I am using a Google Drive business account to
Re: "XXX.cdv.autosave" file Versus "BackupOfXXX.cdv" ?
by Rolf Howarth 2 years ago
The autosave file is saved automatically in the background while you're working on a catalog (every 10 minutes by default) to reduce the amount of work that is lost if the application (or your compute
CatDV Disk Space Tool vs. Disk Catalog Maker
by Charlie Langrall 2 years ago
Hello all, Is anyone using Disk Space Tool snapshots for anything other than displaying disk space For example, snapshots suggest themselves as a nice potential replacement for 3rd party apps like Dis
Re: CatDV Disk Space Tool vs. Disk Catalog Maker
by Rolf Howarth 2 years ago
Disk snapshots are intended for reasonably long term use but unfortunately there was a problem with the way old disk snapshots were saved prior to 11.1.2 that meant they couldn't be compatible with la
Report for unique content?
by Lee Warner 2 years ago
We use a field named CLIENT for all of our assets that indicates who the media is attached to. Is it possible to create a simple report that shows all the unique names in the client field (but only on
Re: Report for unique content?
by Rolf Howarth 2 years ago
That's a path issue. Either edit your PATH environment variable or provide the full path, eg. C:\Program Files\Square Box\CatDV Worker 6.1\catdv.exe -help -Rolf
Non searchable metadata
by John Heagy 2 years ago
Unless I'm doing something wrong it seems there's lots of field that are not searchable in a Query. The field I'm trying to search on is "Data Rate" but it's not available in the selection list. Is th
Re: Non searchable metadata
by Rolf Howarth 2 years ago
Yes, unfortunately Data Rate is a good example of a "calculated field". The database stores the file size and the clip duration so the data rate is calculated for display on the client but isn't direc
User Field and Worker Issues
by Alex Schmidt 2 years ago
Hello Everyone! I had created a worker trigger that sends an email notification to my email when someone clicks on a clip field (a check box). It is set up like this: In CATDV Pro Client: User Field 2
Re: User Field and Worker Issues
by Rolf Howarth 2 years ago
That sounds a bit odd. If you're running a file-triggered task then it's possible that not all the fields you might like might not be set early enough for a particular purpose (if they depend on the f
Forum archives give 404 error
by Rolf Howarth 5 years ago
I'm trying to find some archived forum posts but while the older archives work those from 2012 give a 404 error, for example: http: directory catdv http:
Re: Forum archives give 404 error
by Abraham Chaffin 5 years ago
Hello Rolf, Thank you for letting us know. The links seem to be working now, but I'll take a look to see what the issue might have been. Happy New Year! Abraham
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