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ProAnimator 5.0x in After Effects CS5.5
by Don De Los Rios 9 years ago
I'm experiencing some issues with this combination. First, the permanent license code does not hold. Although the visual indications on screen would make you think all is well, if I restart my compute
Re: ProAnimator 5.0x in After Effects CS5.5
by Roger Bruland 9 years ago
Same her , activation does not hold, but since I am planning to reformat my system soon I did not worry about it. The pc is rarely connected to the web so I reckoned that was the reason. As I read the
Bum AI File?
by Paul Whishaw 11 years ago
A client gave me an AI file that looks good but for some reason I am getter VERY odd results. The first few times I imported the file nothing happened. Then it imported but there were very odd shapes
Re: Bum AI File?
by Roger Bruland 11 years ago
I had a closer look at your file again and found some anchor points with handles crossed and odd placements. Anyway, I tried (menu) -object -path -simplify.. twice. First time curve precision 100%, th
pIllusion on Vista 64
by Alan Lorence 12 years ago
Anybody running pIllusion 3.0 on Vista 64 If so, what specific version of Vista is it Did you need to do anything special to get pIllusion running Alan.
Re: pIllusion on Vista 64
by Roger Bruland 12 years ago
I am running pIllusion on Vista Home Premium 64. Didnt do anything. Just install and run. No problem except if I mess to much with managing the library it will sooner or later crash, but I dont think
Invigorator Pro will not create text in Vista
by Roger Bruland 12 years ago
I just bought Production Premium CS3 and Zaxwerks Invigorator Pro to make 3d text in After Effects, and a brand new hp compaq 8510p laptop with vista 32 business . If I try to create text everything l
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