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client wants raw footage
by dewan edwards 11 years ago
A month ago a client asked me to convert the promo dvd I did for him to a flash file to place on their website. I gave him a price for the conversion as I thought I should get some form of compensatio
Re: client wants raw footage
by Robert Smyth 11 years ago
An easy way to avoid all this is to determine what the "deliverables" are before the project begins... what will YOU hand off to the client for the project to be considered "complete". I'm with Bill t
Demo Reel?
by Kyle Aufdenberg 11 years ago
How long should a demo reel be What types of things are employers looking for when viewing a demo reel
Re: Demo Reel?
by Robert Smyth 11 years ago
Good advice... they used to say 6 minutes, but I agree, around 3 minutes is probably better these days. Make sure the information is relevant... don't include a whole bunch of motion graphics work if
Motion Design Reel
by Eric Sanderson 11 years ago
Im just trying to get my work out to as many places as and suggestions strongly encouraged. A quick bio of a visual effects and motion graphics student trying to finish sch
Re: Motion Design Reel
by Robert Smyth 11 years ago
Looks good, nice work! Liked the sound track.
CS4 & Dynamic Link...
by Cal Johnson 11 years ago
Hello. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who is using CS4 and dynamic link on a PC platform successfully. I just received the CS4 Production Suite package, and have tried it on two systems, on
Re: CS4 & Dynamic Link...
by Robert Smyth 11 years ago
He's right. You guys all using CS4 I upgraded and now dynamic blows. No more preview without rendering, and render times are so long its just not worth it. Feels more like beta to me. Back to CS3 unti
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