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Adding lights to an earth zoom.
by Robert Marchand 11 years ago
Looking for a way to add city lights to a map as i zoom to the earth from space. Other than one at a time. Any ideas Project14 Creative Group
Re: Adding lights to an earth zoom.
by Andrea Stewart 11 years ago
Maltaanon has a tutorial where he does this. In fact he adds clouds and displacement for earth's uneven texture. You can find the night shot of the entire earth flattened (and day shots too) on NASA's
SWF Red Export
by James Woods 11 years ago
Good afternoon everyone. The boss has asked me to come up with a new screen saver for the company. Have made a nice little animation in AE and the IT guy has asked for it as a SWF so he can convert it
Re: SWF Red Export
by Robert Marchand 11 years ago
ok. i just figured something out that might help. i was exporting to the desktop but i changed it to a folder instead and was able to export from AE CS3 to swf. at its best level. so i heard that it c
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