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Catharsis Media Development/ Pharma Informatics Team at Genentech
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April 30th 2014
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Video Scheduling Software Pushed to an URL
by Robert Jensen 5 years ago
I am looking for a video scheduling software that can broadcast to an URL. Live streaming is not necessary. This can be on MAC, Linux, or Windows. No preference. With the following features: Ability t
FCPX 10.1.2 issues
by Alex Babich 6 years ago
Hello. We have just updated our FCP system to 10.1.2, and have a couple of strange bugs that no one else seems to have, except for our three systems here. I have scoured the internet and can't seem to
Nicky Velasquez liked this 6 years ago
Re: FCPX 10.1.2 issues
by Robert Jensen 6 years ago
Is it possible to have the library auto-backup go directly to the server while the working copy is local
CF Card Restoring Data
by Robert Jensen 6 years ago
I have a CF card that has one bad .mov file on it. The file size shows 1.18gb so there is something there. It is also missing the .thm file. This was recorded onto a 7D and nothing happened during the
Re: CF Card Restoring Data
by Robert Jensen 6 years ago
Yes, no issues copying the data to another drive. It does not have an icon image though, which is how it can be identified from the other successful files.
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