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ATEM 1 Switcher
by Robert Foote 6 years ago
Can anyone help me out I am configuring church setup on a tight budget but have utilized an ATEM 1 Switcher and need to do a few things with it. 1. Record 4 camera input from SDI (no problem here) 2.
Re: ATEM 1 Switcher
by John Williams 6 years ago
You can run them both, but I have found in the past that the ATEM is VERY particular about an HDMI input from a computer. All the paramiters have to be correct. Therefore, if it doesn't work, then loo
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Atem 1 M/E & Windows 8 & Live Streaming & ???
by James Wilhelmi 6 years ago
I'm very close to buying the Atem 1 M E. There are a few questions I hope to have figured out before I buy though. 1. I don't believe Win 8 is officially supported yet. Have people had good bad experi
Re: Atem 1 M/E & Windows 8 & Live Streaming & ???
by Robert Foote 6 years ago
Well, if you are wanting to record or work with HD Video, your disc speed needs to be at least 7200rpm over the 5400 in this unit. I would go with 10Kif you can afford it but 7200 is a bare minimum. P
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