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Interlace problems
by steve knattress 7 years ago
Sorry another interlace-ish problem, I have posted this in the sony ex forum but got no reply. Has any one else had problems with 1080i50 xdcam ex hd422 footage shot with pmw500 cameras I inherited a
Re: Interlace problems
by Rick Taylor 6 years ago
Thanks fro the tread, I have found similar treads and replied to them all, So hopefully replying to many posts isn't considered spamming, but I am under tremendous pressure to figure this out, Was thi
pixel problem in FCP with sony EX1
by Lars Enblom 10 years ago
Hi! My clips in Final Cut Pro 6 shows lines wheals verges* when I watch it from the timeline and in exported movis as well. (* I am Swedish, i dont really know the best word in English) When I import
Re: pixel problem in FCP with sony EX1
by Rick Taylor 6 years ago
Hi, I am having the same problem, I need to deliver in 1080i as progressive it too jerky ( one long tracking shot ) I have a broadcast monitor, which when I play back from camera it is great. But when
XDCAM transfer issue with data rate
by tony davies 9 years ago
Wonder if anyone can help We are trying to ingest XDCAM HD422 1080i50 CBR clip s to FCP using XDCAM Transfer v 2.12. The transfer seems to behave as normal but the clips look awful. These are NOT the
Re: XDCAM transfer issue with data rate
by Rick Taylor 6 years ago
Please Help I am having EXACTLY the same issue, (except I'm dealing with XDCAM 1080i50 35mb s with Final cut 7) What was the problem Please help. Regards, Complete idiot...
Interlaced Shudder issue FCP QT 422 - Long side ways tracking shot.
by Rick Taylor 6 years ago
Hi, I am a bit of Noob when it comes to FCP, (i have been looking for relevant posts but none i find include this long track) We have shot a commercial with an EX3 XDCam 1080i50, that is basically one
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