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FCPX or Not...
by sandy shapiro 8 years ago
...not. Hello Avid. Hello professional software.
David Lawrence liked this 8 years ago
Re: FCPX or Not...
by Rick Fromet 8 years ago
LOL! So "many professional and broadcast environments" translates to "I heard of a guy in the Netherlands that doesn't want to be interviewed" That's SERIOUSLY laughable... As the movie Spaceballs put
A To-Do List for Apple from a Non-Pro
by Matthew Schickler 8 years ago
Side-by-side reference frame for manually color matching one shot to another (automatic color balance and matching doesn't usually cut it for my tastes) Motion tracking for color correction masks All
Re: A To-Do List for Apple from a Non-Pro
by Rick Fromet 8 years ago
Matthew Schickler "My workflow for something like this would be: 1. Lay down the music 2. Lay down the clips in a preliminary order 3. Start at the beginning and ripple roll edit the clips to get a r
Where are we TODAY?
by Rick Fromet 8 years ago
So, here's our situation we're in, in the real world, as of today... We are in the process of hiring 2 new editors, and need to buy them software laptops. We are a FCP house with 9 FCPS licenses. So y
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Re: Where are we TODAY?
by Andrew Stone 8 years ago
Thanks again for your input Dennis. I have built many a PC over the past 15 years with exception of the last 4 when I made a conscious decision to spend more time using creative tools than being singu
Lion - Uh Oh
by Rick Fromet 8 years ago
Substitute "OSX LION" for "FCPX" and the reviews could be identical... http: gizmodo.com 5819418 mac-os-x-lion-this-is-not-the-future-we-were-hoping-for "Dumbed Down" "Bad User Experience" "Who's the
Re: Lion - Uh Oh
by John Davidson 8 years ago
I've been beta testing as well - and the article is actually wrong in a few aspects. Every time a new apple product launches, they have to post something to show up in news results. Negative articles
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