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Mark a change in video image
by Rick Carhart 1 year ago
Does anyone know if there is a video editor or application out there that will mark or pin a change in the image of a video. We have a camera that is recording all night, and are looking at hour after
Good Camera for TV News
by Rick Carhart 10 years ago
I'm a photog at a small market TV station, and our news budget is smaller than our market size. I've searched and I've searched and I'm looking for thoughts and ideas on good and affordable ENG camera
Re: Good Camera for TV News
by Mark Suszko 10 years ago
Just to have another viewpoint, FWIW, I have made a living at ENG for 20 years, shooting it and supporting other pros shooting it, and so I have my own opinions about this. One: while I like having LC
unreleased music
by Jim Watt 11 years ago
A friend asked me to shoot his wedding and wanted to use a couple of popular pieces of contemporary music in the DVD. I explained to him that it's very illegal to use unreleased music in any sort of p
Re: unreleased music
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
As a follow-up question, what's the rule with using the music that is played at the wedding, just being used as natural sound on the video. If it's playing in the background, is it just as illegal Ric
Motivation Needed
by Aaron Cadieux 11 years ago
Hey everyone, I've complained about my job on the Cow many times. I've complained too much as a matter of fact. But I seriously need some advice here. My bosses are out of town on a 2-week trip. I am
Re: Motivation Needed
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
My advice is taking a break often. Getting up and going for a short walk every hour or so will help. Also, I would advise going for an hour-long bike ride or something substantial for a lunch break. T
Pricing for an event
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
Apologies if this is the wrong place for this post, but I couldn't immediately find anywhere more appropriate. My daughter takes ballet lessons at a dance studio. The studio has an annual performance
Re: Pricing for an event
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
Thanks Mark, I appreciate the knowledge. It definitely makes me comfortable coming to her with a budget for this year's performance. (I'm sure I have done my last video for her based on what she's wil
Menu Button Headache
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
I'm authoring a DVD in Encore CS3 and have a question. I created a menu in Photoshop without any buttons (that's a question for another post I suppose), and brought it into Encore. I just inserted tex
Re: Menu Button Headache
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
So I gave up and just inserted pre-made buttons from Encore's library, and that worked just fine. I tried deleting and re-making the button the original way, and I even copied one of the buttons that
Video glitching on DVDs I made
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
Greetings... I am producing the video of my daughter's ballet performance for her studio. This is the second year I have done it, and am running into a similar problem this year as last. There are 24
Re: Video glitching on DVDs I made
by mike velte 11 years ago
Memorex discs have caused me playback problems. Stick with Verbatim. http: www.video2stream.com
DVCPro Tape Problem
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
I have had issues a handful of times in the past few months with video I recorded on DVCPro. Our TV station has (and yes, sadly still uses on a daily newsgathering basis) about seven DVCPro cameras. T
Re: DVCPro Tape Problem
by Rick Carhart 11 years ago
Thanks for your help, guys. Sadly, I'm just a photog here, and all I can do is yell at the Ops Mgr every month about "MORE TAPE!!!". Mark, that is pretty much what we ended up doing. It wasn't perfect
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