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Recording the DVI out from a PC
by Gary Jones 7 years ago
Hi all, Bit of a longshot here, but: If you set the graphics card output to 1920x1080 at 50Hz, converted the DVI to HDMI, could the Hyperdeck Shuttle record the signal I am trying to solve a problem o
Re: Recording the DVI out from a PC
by Richard Freemantle 7 years ago
Hi Gary, My solution to this problem was: H264 Pro-Recorder + GFX Card (NVidia) with HDMI out (nb. DVI HDMI was v.problematic) + MX Light This allows me to record the output of the GFX card at 1920x10
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Anyone else a little frustrated?
by Scott Francis 8 years ago
First off, I love what BM says their products do, and that they are always seeming to try to resolve issues with their products. With that said, I am amazed at how they seem to release products that o
Re: Anyone else a little frustrated?
by Richard Freemantle 8 years ago
Hi Joshua, Hopefully, things have quietened down for you guys & you or a colleague will have opportunity to respond to my queries (I assume everyone at BMD have been quite busy recently). I also share
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