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October 16th 2017
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BIEN Motion Design Reel
by Ricardo Roberts 3 years ago
Hey everyone, this is our first post on Creative Cow as a brand new studio, fresh out of LA + Raleigh! Let us know what you think, we're very open to feedback. https: vimeo.com 237610542 Our studio si
Ronald Lindeboom liked this 2 years ago
Re: BIEN Motion Design Reel
by Ricardo Roberts 2 years ago
Hi Ronald, thank you. We really appreciate the kind words!
Devansh Mathur Showreel
by Devansh Mathur 3 years ago
https: www.youtube.com watch v=JAB2MCjDA24 An Indian product of the Prague Film School :P On the lookout for directorial camera work, drop me a mail if you're interested in collaborating : devanshmath
Re: Devansh Mathur Showreel
by Ricardo Roberts 3 years ago
Very nice work, it is a bit dark in places but that is totally subjective.
Motion Graphics Reel
by Jimmy Reynolds 3 years ago
Looking for freelance work mainly in Ireland but can work remotely. Specializing in After Effects, Flash, Photoshop. 13 years of experience in animation for TV and high end corporate graphics. https:
Re: Motion Graphics Reel
by Ricardo Roberts 3 years ago
Agree, shorten it up and it will be much better tighter! Aim for 1 minute if you can.
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