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SAS or Thunderbolt
by Neil Sadwelkar 6 years ago
I have a dilemma with having to provide about 40-60 TB storage for a TV show edit (Apple ProRes 'SQ' mostly) to iMac systems. I'm easily getting Areca 4036 MI boxes which have a Areca 1223 card bundle
Re: SAS or Thunderbolt
by Ricardo Reyes 6 years ago
That would be a nice xmas present for everyone...sorry to disappoint. The Areca TB2 8bay is said to be available February 2014, around the same time when Apple starts shipping out the new Mac Pro back
Pegasus2: "superfast"?
by Alex Gerulaitis 6 years ago
I loved the look of them, very "pro". The 8TB R4 box for $1.5K It's also cheap. (Not so much with R6 and R8 versions though.) "World's first Thunderbolt2 storage" - would be a nice match to newer Macs
Re: Pegasus2: "superfast"?
by Ricardo Reyes 6 years ago
We're seeing 800MB s with 10Gb s TB1 righ now, so I expect about 1280MB s with 20Gb s TB2. So even with SSD's you'll still be limited. Ricardo Reyes Areca Technologies - US Channel Ricardo@ArecaUS.com
RAID set-up for Mac Pros
by Chris Tarroza 6 years ago
The company I work for has some money left in the budget to upgrade my workstation. I work on HD 2K projects for broadcast TV and web. I have yet to touch 3K 4K but the boss says it COULD happen. I al
Re: RAID set-up for Mac Pros
by Ricardo Reyes 6 years ago
Either option you listed will get you going. I would lean toward a Thunderbolt solution, it also looks more cost efficient in the end. But instead of a Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis for your KONA
Pegasus2 R4 vs first gen
by Rich Swartzwelder 6 years ago
I edit for a small production house and we are looking upgrading some of our gear. One of the potential configurations involves the new Mac Pro and a Thunderbolt array. I've been looking at the offeri
Re: Pegasus2 R4 vs first gen
by Ricardo Reyes 6 years ago
That's correct. The 8 bay is another story. Most likely why Promise introduced the R8 with TB2. I can't say what speeds you would get with the new Pegasus R8. But we've been testing another 8 bay Thun
Is There A Max Drive Capacity Limit For Mac Pro
by peter tours 6 years ago
Can I put 2TB, 3TB or 4TB drives into my 2010 Mac Pro and Raid them or are they too big (for the OS Hardware ) or is it ok All the same of course. Considering either of these: http: www.newegg.com Pro
Re: Is There A Max Drive Capacity Limit For Mac Pro
by Ricardo Reyes 6 years ago
Nope, they are correct. We start seeing faster read performance with more drives. For example, the same test using 8x Hitachi Ultrastar drives in RAID 5 show the following. Read - 710MB s Write - 855M
24 Bay SAS Expander Single Drive Volumes Only Mounting 16 in OSX...
by John Straus 6 years ago
Hello, I am a bit new to the whole mass storage so please forgive any lack of needed info... I have read a few post on this forum and there are many insightful people in this RAID area that hopefully
Re: 24 Bay SAS Expander Single Drive Volumes Only Mounting 16 in OSX...
by Ricardo Reyes 6 years ago
Hello John, Yes, the ARC-1320-8x card would be perfect solution for Non-RAID configurations. I'm a bit confused at which card you are using Are you using the Newertech card or the Areca card If you're
Raid 0,5,6
by Rainer Wirth 7 years ago
Hi folks, there are a lot of people out there still thinking, that Raid 0 is a good choice to work with. i have to say that it isn't. We started off around 15 years ago with SCSI Raid 0, because we ha
Ricardo Reyes liked this 7 years ago
Alternate RAID array recommendation... not Pegasus
by Brian Cooney 7 years ago
HI. I purchased an 8TB Pegasus R4 Thunderbolt RAID array from Promise Technologies. I've had it a week and am looking to return it to B & H today. My system has failed to boot several times. It locks
Re: Alternate RAID array recommendation... not Pegasus
by Ricardo Reyes 7 years ago
"there was a blown sector in drive one (the thing is one week old) and they would send out a drive replacement" Not suprised since there using desktop drives. Although enterprise level drives are not
Need Good Sales People looking for extra cash
by Ricardo Reyes 10 years ago
Freelance Sales People Needed for high end digital video storage company. Full product line of SATA, SAS, Fibre, PCIe, iSCSI enterprise storage. Looking for qualified people familiar with production a
Suggestions for upgrades to speed up FCP Rendering? Or get Shake and use Qmaster?
by Nick Lovell 11 years ago
So here's some background... I recently completed a green-screen-heavy project using Final Cut and Red Giant's Primatte Keyer Pro (which is my new favorite plug-in... the keys were practically flawles
Re: What next?
by Ricardo Reyes 11 years ago
Walter, That would be the Areca ARC-1221X you are referring to. Areca has a complete line of RAID controllers, there are many models available, but the ARC-1221X is the card mostly used for external s
Best HDD Configuration ?
by Davis Lanthripe 11 years ago
I got bit of a problem... After waiting a few years to upgrade my computer I finally will be able to build what I want, not just what I can live with. WHen it comes to Hard Drive Configuration, I just
Re: Best HDD Configuration ?
by Ricardo Reyes 11 years ago
Our test have shown better performance with the ARC-1231ML in SATA environments when compared with the 1680 SAS Controller series. The IOP341 is just designed and optimized for SATA drives, than the I
Areca RAID card – any experiences good or bad ?
by Uli Plank 12 years ago
Does anyone around here use the Taiwanese Areca RAID card in a MacPro with FCP Does it work in 08 models How is the performance with 4 drives in RAID5 TIA, Uli
Re: Areca RAID card – any experiences good or bad ?
by Ricardo Reyes 11 years ago
Yes, I don't think they would be willing to provide the card to us for comparision test. I think we all know the results will not favor them. And, No. We have not had a chance to test the Highpoint Ro
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