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Color correcting multiclip per manual isn't working for me...?
by Jordan Woodworth 9 years ago
I'm unsuccessfully trying to apply a color correction filter to a clip created by my multiclip edit. I have not yet collapsed the multiclip. When I drag the filter to the clip on the timeline and choo
Re: Color correcting multiclip per manual isn\'t working for me...?
by René Jensen 9 years ago
Do a search in the sequence for the clip angle that you want to correct, and select "Find All". This will select all the clips from that angle. Then just drag your filter upon one of them.
dvd to final cut pro lossless codec
by Hey Chong 10 years ago
Hi, I am trying to rip a dvd into a format that I can use in Final Cut Pro. However, I need it to be great quality as it is going to be shown on a movie theater screen.(It is the trailer for a film fe
Re: dvd to final cut pro lossless codec
by René Jensen 10 years ago
No need to transcode into ProRes. Just choose \"Unscaled M2V\" in MPEG Streamclip, and it works just fine in FCP.
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