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July 10th 2014
Ray Madrigal 4 years ago
FXP 10.2

I've been working with a multicam file and going back and forth between the collapse and the angle viewer. I added a file and synced it up and now cannot go back to the collapsed edit. When I click on the "back" button it takes me to another multicam clip in the angle viewer. It seems I have lost my edit. Any help appreciated. It seems that that brininging new clips and resynching is a no no once an edit is begun (selecting, cutting, deleting)
After crash FCPX 10.1.2, project files are blank...almost all clips not showing up in event browser
by Ray Madrigal 5 years ago
I am working in FCPX 10.1.2 in Mavericks 10.9.4, 20 gigs of Ram, plenty of hard drive space.. I was making proxy files (perhaps too many) when FCPX crashed...Upon restart and reopen I had lost my proj
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