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Color-Changing Solid Background--How?
by Randall Kowalik 7 years ago
I'm new to After Effects (CS5)... and I need to do something that, well, I can't find the right tools to do it. What I want to do is create a background that changes color over time. In Motion, this i
Thank you everyone!!!
by Randall Kowalik 7 years ago
I guess my big lesson in this is that I can often find what I need; it's just hidden someplace different than where I'm used to finding it. I'll try to remember to look a little more next time. Thank
AE CS5: Importing Illustrator file results in all layers being "stacked" in center of composition--why?
by Randall Kowalik 7 years ago
First of all, I'm trying to follow this tutorial here: http: vimeo.com 1271357 I have my Illustrator CS5 file all ready to go (I think). It imports okay into AE, in that all the layers show up, and th
Thanks! Now I'm suspecting something else...
by Randall Kowalik 7 years ago
Thanks for your reply. My AI artboard is actually substantially larger (2100 squared, I think) than my AE (1280x720). However, now I'm thinking that when I created the AE composition, I accidentally t
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my beef with transcriptions within fcp - warranted?
by Schureman Lear 11 years ago
Is it weird to anyone else that something as basic + essential to documentary filmmaking -- transcriptions -- should be completely unsupported within Final Cut I mentioned this to a more seasoned doc
I think Schureman has a good point on this...
by Randall Kowalik 11 years ago
Schureman, I feel your pain! I'm not a filmmaker--I'm a news producer. My background is mostly in radio, and I've spent much of my career using tools like Sonic Solutions, Deck II, and CoolEdit Pro--n
by Randall Kowalik 13 years ago
Has anyone else experienced this before I recently was endowed with a screaming new MacTel machine, top-of-the-line model. And I was upgraded to FCP 5.1.2 I'm trying to work with some video that was d
by Enzo Tedeschi 13 years ago
Don't Panic! FCP does this to minimise lag when a lot of the project is visible - imagine having to draw the waveforms for a two hour timeline when you are zoomed out so far that the whole thing is vi
Why Are My Waveforms Gone??
by Randall Kowalik 13 years ago
I opened up a project, opened a timeline... I can see my video, and I can see the audio tracks themselves... but instead of the waveforms that I'm used to seeing, the audio tracks just have little x's
Re: Why Are My Waveforms Gone??
by Ty Ford 13 years ago
At the left hand bottom of the edit window there are several little click-ons. Pick the one that looks like an arrow pointing right. It'll drop down and you should be able to choose "show waveforms."
by Randall Kowalik 13 years ago
Hello all! This is my very first post to this forum--don't be too harsh! First, a little background: I've had a broadcast journalism degree for 15 years, and the first 14 of those years were spent in
by Randall Kowalik 13 years ago
Thanks for the info, Walter. The problem has disappeared for the time being, but there were three things we did over here: 1) Changed "Frame Offset" from 4 to 0 in "System Settings" 2) Reduced "Real-t
by Randall Kowalik 13 years ago
I also posted this in the regular "Apple Final Cut" forum on the Cow. If this counts as a "double post," I apologize. Not knowing how much crossover there is between the two forums, I just wanted to
by Paul Barker 12 years ago
I have just experienced this problem in a major way on a big project after running Disk Warrior on the external firewire drive that the project was on. Audio has a mind of its own, sometimes plays lef
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