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Cineform Sync Drift
by George Rizkallah 7 years ago
Hi All, I'm working on a Stereo project using FCP7, Cineform and Kona 3's. I've tired this in many bays, but it seems the longer the film plays the further out of sync it goes with the audio. If I sto
Re: Cineform Sync Drift
by Ramil Pasibe 7 years ago
Hi George, I've encountered the same problem. That is why halfway through a project I decided to switch to Dashwood 3D plugins. It gave me a sense of stability since, I am working on a very crucial pr
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Cineform video files issue - need advice
by Robert Hoisan 8 years ago
Hey guys, i have a huge problem and i need a fix. So i have a client and he wants me to edit a bunch of videos using After Effects and Premiere but he said they were all encoded using Cineform. When i
Re: Cineform video files issue - need advice
by Ramil Pasibe 8 years ago
Cineform is a proprietary codec, if you want to just view only the files then you need to go to their website, they have a free decoder to be able to playback the files. However, if you want to transc
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