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March 21st 2014
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Video: Coloring showreel by Christopher K├ęchichian
by Christopher Kechichian 3 years ago
Coloring showreel by Christopher K chichian This is my colouring showreel that I did around 1 year ago, I'm also preparing a new one with many many new interesting shots and grades, will uploaded once
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Service: Blackbirdfx
by Ralf Karam 3 years ago
Baabdath Lebanon 3D   VFX   Film Blackbirdfx 3D Animation     Visual Effects     Post Visual FX 3D Animation and motion capture. Responsible for the first stereoscopic fi
Video: Blackbirdfx Showreel
by Ralf Karam 3 years ago
Blackbirdfx Showreel Blackbirdfx is a post-production company based in the middle east watch demo reel
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