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Reconfiguring Subtitles
by Prashant Bhargava 9 years ago
I have a problem. I have a feature film and have subtitled the film. I need to change the font size. Used the basic text function in Final Cut. Realize there is no way to change the font across the bo
Re: Reconfiguring Subtitles
by Surya Samaddar 7 years ago
Thank you so much Neil Because of you I could change the font of 50 subtitles in one go. I tried it and this method works like charm. The only thing one needs to bother is that before you open the XML
Calibrating LMD 2450
by Prashant Bhargava 10 years ago
Would anyone have a step by step procedure to calibrate the Sony LMD 2450 monitor. I'm using a HD-SDI output from a Blackmagic Decklink of 720p 59.97fps Thanks Prashant Bhargava Director
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