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Retime issues
by Prakash Joseph 5 years ago
HI EVERYONE, If i m changing a speed of a clip in Resolve 10 ,the head of the clip is going for a toss can anyone pls help me out
Re: time issues
by Harris Charalambous 5 years ago
My experience is if you change the speed (different from the XML) the clips in point gets completely scrambled. Like you mention. Pretty annoying unfortunately.
RE_Time_shots_conforming issues
by Prakash Joseph 6 years ago
In my timeline,shots which are having re-times(speedups)are not having handles in the head ,even though that entire shot is in my media pool pls help me out
reconfirming reverse speed up shots
by Prakash Joseph 6 years ago
Pls let me know how to reconform the reverse speed up shots in resolve 9, I used to work in resolve 6 previously,
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