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Avid MC 3.0 backwards to MC 2.8
by Shane Ross 11 years ago
I hate asking this question because I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that when 3.0 came out this question was asked a lot. I wanted to search for the answer but the forum search turned up nil, and Google search did
Re: Avid MC 3.0 backwards to MC 2.8
by Piri Miller 10 years ago
Shane, did you test this and did it work out okay Recently we've had some incidences of being unable to open bins created in MC 3.1.2 on older systems including Xpress Pro 5.6 and MC 2.8. Interestingl
lossless HD
by Piri Miller 11 years ago
I have some files that were basically converted from DPX to lossless HD files (Compressor - None). FCP plays about 2 seconds and then can't play the file. However when I change the quicktime compresso
Re: lossless HD
by Rafael Amador 11 years ago
Hi Piri, Sorry to say that when converting the DPX they haven't make the best choice. Instead of NONE they could have choose any other lossless codec. The most popular Animation would make the files a
Media Manage 29.97 Offline -> 23.98 For Recapture?
by Ken Peltan 12 years ago
Hello All! I work at a high-end trailer house, and whenever we need to online something at 1080psf23.98 we go through a long and annoying process in order to convert from our 29.97 NTSC offline into t
Re: Media Manage 29.97 Offline -> 23.98 For Recapture?
by Piri Miller 11 years ago
Yeah....pretty much what I thought. Just been reading some confusing posts... Wanted some expert advice to convince post super to just rent the darn HDCAM deck. Seems to me it will just save money and
Digidesign Digi 002 compatibility
by far from the land 13 years ago
I prefer to use Audition for my own work, but need a new firewire sound card and am very tempted by the Digi 002 partly for it's pre-amps, but also for the pro-tools option for others' imported sessio
Re: Digidesign Digi 002 compatibility
by Piri Miller 13 years ago
My understanding is that the Fw-1082 supports the 'Mackie control protocol' which AA 2.0 also supports. From what I can gather though, you don't get all the functionality of the Tascam FW control inte
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