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Trapcode particular - Flat ribbon look
by Phil Hew 6 years ago
Trying to achieve a flat kind of ribbon design, where in which the particles need to achieve a kind of flying ribbon, that will spin around objects (roto) and eventually form into the smaller accents
Re: Trapcode particular - Flat ribbon look
by Phil Hew 6 years ago
It kind of does, but doesn't. At least, not in a nice way like, say, Trapcode's 3D stroke. The only way to achieve this is to make a reeeeeaaaaaallly long custom tail end. Serpentine only allows you t
Mystery AE Cache?
by Phil Hew 8 years ago
I'm a little confused... I have a fast machine: Mac Pro 2 x 2.4 GHZ Quad Intel Xeon 24GB DDR3 RAM 120GB SSD 1TB HD I'm sure those specs are more than enough to run After Effects relatively smooth for
Re: Mystery AE Cache?
by Walter Soyka 8 years ago
Your problem may not be AE caching things -- it may be your system using virtual memory during renders. I recommend downloading Raging Menace Menu Meters link and keeping an eye on memory usage, pagin
Video Grad Showreel for 2010
by Phil Hew 9 years ago
Looking for feedback and comments for improvement! (compliments and insults are also happily accepted...) Many thanks to the COW community for helping me throughout and helping me graduate with awesom
A Slightly Devious Showreel...
by Phil Hew 9 years ago
Just looking for feedback and crit on my graduating showreel. I studied animation and multimedia and looking into doing motion graphics. Although I have worked on some animation shorts and feature fil
Jumpy Video
by Phil Hew 9 years ago
I can't for the life solve the problem... Originally I thought it could be a slow hard drive. But after multiple renders and compressions, it does not change. Sorry, let me explain my problem. I recor
Re: Jumpy Video
by Phil Hew 9 years ago
Yeah! Though of that! I was nervous things might get out of whack if I do that. Being different formats and all. I'll go ahead and do that then. Yay! ... Still need to wait for a new conversion though
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