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Advice Needed in Setting up a New Multi-Cam Sequence with Multi-Channel Audio and Mixing Down to Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound.
by Phil Green 4 years ago
Hi Folks I am wondering if anyone can help me setting up a new Multi-cam Source Sequence What I have is 6 Cameras In Total. 5 of the Cameras are Sony FX7E HDV PAL 50i 1440x180 with 2 Channel Standard
Black between videos?
by Chad Greene 5 years ago
I had a BluRay created by another company. Their BluRay flashes to black when jumping between videos. Is there a way to jump from one video to another seamlessly Specifically: We have a "Meet the Cast
Re: Black between videos?
by Phil Green 5 years ago
Just a thought, have you already tried to make the BD in Encore yourself or is what you are showing us what the you've had the other Company already made and if so was this in Encore or Another Author
Blackmagic Intensitiy Pro Player Support
by Phil Green 5 years ago
Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of any Windows Apps like Media Player that will support playback using the BMP (Black Magic Playback) like the way Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Encore does so that I
AVCHD DVD Template for Adobe Media Encoder
by Phil Green 5 years ago
Hi Folks Just wondering if anyone has a good AVCHD for DVD Template that they can share with me I am using the current version of Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and wish to Encode footage as HD to
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