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10 years esperience as a Writer/Director/Editor working in television, commercials and clips. Editied at VH1 Behind the Music for two years, now freelancing mostly clips, spots, tv docs and DVD value-added stuff. Recently co-founded HEARiSEE Films, ... [more]
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October 31st 2002
28 Posts
Venice, CA 90291
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Mac G4 Dual 800 (v2.1 8361) w/ 1 Gb ram
OS X.2.1
FCP 3.0.4
After Effects 5.5
Kona SD 2.1
180 GB SCSI 10K custom tower
DA-MAX+ Media Converter
Sony 19" RGB Monitor
Mackie 1604 Mixer
DigiBeta/Beta SP/DV decks (in-house)
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Moontribe Gatherings, Joshua Tree journeys, mountain biking Topenga Canyon singletrax, snowboarding pow-pow in Colorado, traveling the world, screenwriting, Green politics, Indigenous Cultures and perpetuating the "Archaic Revival" underway as heralded by McKenna, McLuhen, et al.
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