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32 years old, born in Budapest, Hungary but grew up in London, UK and Ottawa, Canada. Spent time in South Africa and finally ended up in Dubai UAE where I reside now with my wife and son.
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August 23rd 2013
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Looking for 3dsmax, 3d modeler / generalist fulltime or freelance position!
by Peter Mayer 5 years ago
I m looking for fulltime or freelance position as 3D modeler generalist using 3dsmax. I have 16 years + experience in 3D. Experienced in game art, VFX and architectural viz. Please visit my portfolio
3D Freelancer looking for work!!
by Peter Mayer 6 years ago
Hi I am Peter Mayer, and I am looking for any part time remote freelance job that suits my 3d knowledge. I have 20 years modeling experience and I have been in the industry for more than 15 years in v
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