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I'm a 3D/2D animator and motion graphics artist with over 25 years production experience in film, commercials, games, and television series. I have a broad set of well developed artistic and technical skills.
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Modifying Gestures
by Daniel Tan 10 years ago
Hi guys, I need help on using maya. im doing a project on editing charactor gesture. currently im using an "pointing gesture" as an example for testing of my algorithm in MAYA. i start with skeleton w
Re: Modifying Gestures
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Thanks for explaining more. Is this a school project that requires you to modify baked animations as an exercise If so, then I can understand. Otherwise, I don't know why you would bake the animations
How to create this type of effect
by Kishore Kumar 10 years ago
please tell me how to create this type of effect in photoshop. Please help Link http: img12 5552 officetabletpreview.png
Re: How to create this type of effect
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Please have the courtesy of providing some sort of details in your question. There are all sorts of things going on in that image. There are reflections, shadows, beveling, lighting, and other things
Facial Animation
by cesar rattoni 10 years ago
I found the next video: http: watch v=ab8dHs6c_-4 It is explained that it was done in apple motion with corel painter layers. I think the same can be done with either illustrator or ph
Re: Facial Animation
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
It looks entirely 2D to me. Nothing in there actually rotates. It's all done by sliding the parts around on separate and grouped layers in a way that gives the illusion of rotation, but it's actually
Sound effects
by Abdussamed Özay 10 years ago
Hello, I was searching on the internet for sound effects. But can't find the specific one. Can someone help me with it. The regarding sound is the background sound of this youtube movie http: www.yout
Re: Sound effects
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
What are you looking for exactly What sound effect There is a whole rock band playing in this, making all sorts of sounds. You need to be a LOT more specific about what sound you are referring to in t
HELP: Execute Cluster Curve command from MEL?
by Nick vandiem 10 years ago
Hi all, Does anyone know how I can execute the 'Cluster Curve' command from Mel (Surfaces Edit Curves Cluster Curve) Much appreciated. Thanks Nick.
Re: HELP: Execute Cluster Curve command from MEL?
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
The actual Mel command is... ClusterCurve; You can find these things out as I just did by opening your Script Editor, and in it's menu pulldown History and toggle on "Echo All Comands". Then execute t
Random moving objects
by kai gadd 10 years ago
Ok so I have just modelled something and when I move the timeline some of the objects move without me doing anything to it, and I havent set any keys yet, and when I reload it, and set the keys at the
Re: Random moving objects
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Hmm... if I'm understanding the two images you included it looks like the cylinder pieces are getting scaled up from a group node(s) they are under. I see two different scales though... I mean two of
Maya UI color change
by Amir Sharafeh 10 years ago
Hi, can anyone tell me how to change the generic gray color of the UI to a darker color Also for a bonus how to change the viewport as well I am very new to the program. Thank you in advance.
Re: Maya UI color change
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Oh, you mean you want to change the color of all the interface areas such as the toolbars and menus rather than just the work areas There is no way to do that in Maya that I know of. It's always possi
A great way to reduce file size - or am I just an idiot....
by Rafi Sen 10 years ago
Ok, so this is my FIRST post but as a beginner I found this out myself and I HAVE to tell everyone haha. I just hope it'll help some people out and most importantly, wanted to ask if this actually cau
Re: A great way to reduce file size - or am I just an idiot....
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
That should work fine if that's what you wanted to keep. I suspect though that you could have cleaned up the file by removing un-needed stuff that you must have had in there that you just didn't reali
professional logos
by Bill Triplett 10 years ago
I would like to do some professional looking logos like the NFL and NBC sports logos. Sharp, metallic, not cartoonish. I've been trying with Illustrator, After Effects and Invigorator. I see a lot of
Re: professional logos
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Actually, I'm not very familiar with Invigorator (just saw your mention of it) so I don't know of its limitations or if it can recreate the types of 3D effects used in those examples of not. Maybe it
Render Settings - Frame Range Gray
by Charlie Meadows 10 years ago
Can anybody tell me why the Frame Range settings in the Render Settings (Maya 2009) would be persistently grayed out. What am I missing, setting up the 100-frame timeline for a simple render Thanks.
Re: Render Settings - Frame Range Gray
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
It's because you have Maya set just to render a still image. To change that go to the render settings and in the Image File Output area set the "Frame Animation ext" pulldown to one of the options oth
Fcheck output to Final Cut Pro
by Stuart Christensen 10 years ago
Hello Maya People! I recently rendered out some Quicktime Animation clips from Maya and imported them into FCP. I did some normal editing, (2-lines of video)and output the sequence to a QTSC(selfconta
Re: Fcheck output to Final Cut Pro
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
As far as I know there is no option in Maya for rendering sequences directly to any QT movie format. You should render your images out as tif, tga, png, or IFF. Each is uncompressed and can hold an al
4:3 Letterbox to 16:9
by Derek Natzke 10 years ago
Is there a recipe out there to upscale SD, 4:3 Letterbox video to 16:9 I have cropped and scaled up a 4:3 Letterbox video in a 16:9 (Anamorphic) sequence and it looks just as I thought it would, dumpy
Re: 4:3 Letterbox to 16:9
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
You can blow up the SD image to HD but it will never be HD quality. You are starting with only a certain number of pixels of information. Plus, in order to make it fit into 16:9 you have to actually c
How do I make a "Pal" DVD?
by Steve Martin 10 years ago
I'm in the US and have a client from the UK who will be in the US and wants us to shoot and edit video of a corporate event. In the end they want a DVD that play in the UK. I get an occasional questio
Re: How do I make a "Pal" DVD?
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Thanks. That's very good to know. I had no idea. Studios over there are always demanding that demo reels be in PAL so I just assumed it really had to be. Do you know if it fits it pixel to pixel or st
Hiro's vanishing act
by Alex Hernandez 10 years ago
Hi! Watched an episode of Hero's last night. Want to know how to make people vanish like Hiro, the time traveler Currently using AE3. Thanks, Alex
Re: Hiro's vanishing act
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
There's nothing particularly special about it. In the show when the character teleports he simply disappears and appears. No fancy flash of light or particles or and kind of effect at all other than s
Letterbox removal help
by Kyle Graves 10 years ago
Here are the details: Our department juts got a JVC GY-HM 700 series camera. The picture looks excellent. The two video cards the footage is captured on are eFilm Pro SD cards, each conatins 32 GB of
Re: Letterbox removal help
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Are you asking how to fit HD (16:9) video into a Standard Definition (4:3) without letterboxing it If so, then what you want to do is basically "pan and scan"; you scale the video to fit the vertical
Free transform
by Ron Weber 10 years ago
I'm using CS3 on a mac and trying to free transform text. I used to be able to free transform the box by the individual corner in the previous versions. I'm trying to do just a simple pinching of text
Re: Free transform
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Actually, to do what it sounds like you want to do there is a text warping tool in PS that'll do just that, among other things. Select you active text layer. Then, with the text tool selected, go to t
What format should I render in If I am putting the project on a DVD?
by Chris Stepp 10 years ago
We made a short company video that we want to send out to perspective customers. What format would be best to render it in Something that would be somewhat universal and could be played in anything fr
Re: What format should I render in If I am putting the project on a DVD?
by Peter Greenstone 10 years ago
Yes. Otherwise you'll just be making a data storage DVD. Similar to the difference between an audio CD and a data CD. Visit http:
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