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Steadicam for the XHA1 With Firestore
by Peter Friedlander 9 years ago
Ok Steadicam users I have a couple questions with buying my first system. I have a Canon HXA1 (7lbs) with a Firestore Fs5 (1pnd) and wireless system that adds little weight to the camera. In the futur
Using the 64GB P2 with my AG-HVX200P
by Peter Friedlander 10 years ago
Can it be done I heard somewhere that the 64GB P2 cards will only work with the HVX200A.
Re: Using the 64GB P2 with my AG-HVX200P
by Peter Friedlander 10 years ago
They came out last year December http: webapp wcs stores servlet ModelDetail displayTab=O&storeId=11201&catalogId=13051&itemId=315734&catGroupId=32501&surfModel=AJ-P2C064&cm_sp=
HVX DVX Timecode Jam Sync
by Peter Friedlander 11 years ago
Our church is thinking on buying a timecode jamming device for our DVX100 and HVX200 multi camera shoots. So far we have been importing the footage from both cameras and aligning up with a visual que
Re: HVX DVX Timecode Jam Sync
by Michael Sacci 11 years ago
It has been awhile since I used the DVX but if I remember correctly only the 100B can accept TC in. If this is the model you have you can jam sync one camera to the other via a FW cable connected to b
DVX100 in the amazon
by Peter Friedlander 12 years ago
I have been hired to video document a missions trip with my Church in July using their DVX100 camera. I am conserned about the high humid and rainy conditions there and the conflict it would have on m
Re: DVX100 in the amazon
by Steve Wargo 12 years ago
Take twice as many batteries and tapes. Get the rain gear that Noah suggests Buy some silica packs at a camping store to keep your stuff dry. Take lots of foot powder. Get shots Get a device that allo
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