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Unparenting Layers
by Pawel Sobolewski 7 years ago
Hi All, I have a complex comp in which i have a few Bubbles following a null. Now i want one of them to stop following the null and follw another null. The others will be still following the first one
Re: Unparenting Layers
by Pawel Sobolewski 7 years ago
Thank You! I already found that solution but it is not flexible enough for my composition. Isn't there a way to script that using markers I just can't find anything on the web. Can't be that i'm the o
particles along path
by Quentin Block 8 years ago
Hi, I want to create an animated mass of texture mapped round particles that moves along a path - trailing particles along the path as it moves - sort of like an asteroid. Been using CC Particle World
Re: particles along path
by Pawel Sobolewski 8 years ago
Hey Ted, i know about the negative Gravity. I made it with wind. Works fine. Its only the path thing.
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