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Re: Progressive, smooth wiggle frequency change...
by Dan Ebberts 10 years ago
OK - sorry for the misfire. I think this works: freq = thisComp.layer("Wiggle Control Sliders").effect("FREQUENCY")("Slider"); amp = thisComp.layer("Wiggle Control Sliders").effect("AMOUNT")("Slider")
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Re: 'Track in Mocha' selected but clip doesn't import to Mocha AE cc 2014
by Paul Wright 5 years ago
Updating AE worked. Seems like it might some kind of dynamic link issue maybe
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Re: 3D Element: Turn off ALL lights
by Paul Wright 6 years ago
Solved it. It is the Environment map that lights the preview menu. You have to choose an 'override layer' to turn it off. Hurrah.
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